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Flight Procedures

Operating procedures have been established for the Truckee/Tahoe & Minden areas that, when followed, greatly increase the odds of a safe and smooth operation. The Soar Truckee Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) have been developed over many years and have stood the test of time. You will be asked to read and sign the SOPs each year you fly at Truckee. The SOP's are part of the soar Truckee lease and must be adhered to. Please read them carefully, and ask questions if you are unclear on any of the procedures.

  • Soar Truckee Inc. 2014 Standard Operating Procedures.
    Download a .pdf of this file. *Please note yellow highlighted changes!

  • Soaring Safety - Please familiarize yourself all of the material available on the Pacific Soaring Council Safety page.


  • Office Policy

    Soar Truckee respectfully asks pilots to refrain from congregating in the business office during certain morning hours. Pilots are encouraged to used the upstairs bunkhouse instead of the office. The new office policy can be downloaded here.*You will need Acrobat Reader to read these pdf files.
    If you would like to download Acrobat Reader, click here.

    Rentals & Rates

    Sailplane Rental (for students of Soar Truckee only) Hourly Rate

    - Schweitzer 2-33 $48.00


    Tow Rates (airport elevation 5,900') Cost of Tow

    - Instruction pattern tows for students $36.00

    - To 1,100 ft above airport (7,000' msl) $42.00

    - Each additional 100' $2.00


    Retrieves - Aero Cost of Retrieve

    - Aero retrieves - per hour $195.00

    - Carson $117.00

    - Minden $156.00

    - Sierraville $135.00

    - Stead $136.00

    - Tow pilot standby time and ground handling for XC retrieves $50.00/hour

    Miscellaneous Items -

    Oxygen $2.00/100PSI

    Glider Tiedowns  $10/day  $75/month

    Campsite  $20/day  $100/month

    Bunkhouse  4 twin beds (bring sleeping bag) $20 day/person

    Weather Resources

    Mountain weather...a soaring pilot's dream.

    Truckee is located within the Sierra Nevada mountains, and its weather is typically a soaring pilot's dream: strong thermals, occasional wave, high cloudbases. Climbs to 14k MSL are normal during the summer soaring season, with 18k MSL reachable on many days. If your ship is not equipped with oxygen, you might consider getting that installed before you come up. Soar Truckee offers on-site oxygen refills for gliders only.

    Truckee is just over the ridge from the Carson Valley of Nevada and shares many of the same weather influences as world-renowned Minden. The soaring forecasts prepared for the Reno/Minden area are quite accurate for Truckee as well. The weather links on this page will help you prepare for your Sierra soaring adventure!


  • Sierra/Nevada Soaring Forecast

  • Aviation Digital Services - enter KTRK for Truckee Tahoe Airport

  • Local Truckee Weather

  • Mountain Wave Forecast - no longer supported

  • BLIPMAP viewer for the Truckee area

  • Dr. Jack Glendening's home page, with explanations of BLIPMAPS and other soaring weather information

    Noaa - 1K vis

    Noaa - 4K IR

    Noaa - 4K water vapor


    Follow Sailplanes on their Cross Country Adventures!

    Gliders equiped with SPOT satellite tracking devices uplink position telemetry every 10 minutes to Globalstar low earth orbit satellites. SPOT sends only lattitude and longitude data. GPS positions are then downlinked to SPOT servers and are superimposed on Google maps. SPOT is capable of displaying the track of one glider on a map at a time. The ability to display multiple tacks on a single map like a radar screen is currently in development.

    Additional information about SPOT can be found here.

    **New - Soar Truckee Multi-SPOT Tracking Page

    Soar Truckee pilots with SPOT tracking devices:

    Note - we've discontinued the individual spot links section and moved entirely to the Multi-Spot tool.  Once registered the STI staff and your friends and family can track not only you but all the registered gliders flying out of Truckee.  Simply mouse over your icon and a link will appear at the bottom of the page for your shared site.



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